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Battle Tanks
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Battle Tanks:
You've found a portal into the enemy territory with lots of advanced battle tanks around. Destroy all of 'em.

This is an interesting tank war game with basic 3D graphics, but has a lot of action:) You've been transported through a portal into the enemy territory guarded by numerous advanced tanks. You've to make your way through the labyrinth and destroy the required number of enemy tanks in each level to proceed to the next level.

Collect the power-ups that appear after the enemy tank is destroyed. As the levels go up, you'll encounter tougher opponents. Go through the Mission guidelines given before the beginning of each level. Good Luck.


Move Forward

Up Arrow Key

Move Backward

Down Arrow Key

Turn Left

Left Arrow Key

Turn Right

Right Arrow Key

Map Zoom In

X Key

Map Zoom Out

Z Key


Space Bar

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